Brooklyn Local Opens New Pilates Studio in South Slope, Brooklyn

The only thing better than being part of something that matters is creating it. What matters to South Slope resident Marisa Fuller is creating a strong sense of community by fulfilling her dream of opening a Pilates studio. After a lot of planning, preparation and patience, her studio–her community–opens today!

Studio Pilates, a Pilates reformer studio originally headquartered in Australia, opens January 25th, 2021 at 577 4th Avenue (near the Prospect Avenue R train). The studio is based in a new construction building and offers high energy, 40-minute Pilates reformer classes for total body sculpting workouts. With six reformers (note, this was adjusted to maintain proper social distancing!), Studio Pilates will offer classes with personalized instructions and screens around the room to ensure students can see the instructions and demonstrations. The studio also offers challenges, like “hell week,” with incentives to take 10 classes in 5 days. 

After 20 years in ad sales, Marisa craved a change. “I looked around and saw people with similar interests – a community with an interest in wellness. And I noticed that a Pilates studio was missing, particularly in South Slope. It felt like a disconnect, and it seemed like this is an opportunity to fill the gap,” Marisa said. Community is important to her, as it is to many of you, which is part of why she selected Park Slope as her first location. Marisa especially appreciates how Park Slope has a family feel and how “into the spirit” the neighborhood gets during the holidays.

Studio Pilates, a new local Pilates studio in South Slope, Brooklyn.

Exercise studios have always held a special place in Marisa’s heart, which became especially clear after her divorce. Was advertising sales fulfilling her? Was it time to make her dream of creating a community around wellness come to life? Marisa can still remember the moment, alone in her half-empty Brooklyn apartment, that she decided that nothing would stop her. 

Not even a global pandemic.

Studio Pilates was originally going to open in April 2020, but that obviously didn’t happen. With COVID-19 at its peak, Marisa experienced delays in construction and mandatory shutdowns of gyms. While it would be easy to focus on the negative aspects of the delay, Marisa made the most of it by launching Marisa in Motion, which offers pilates inspired clothing. She now sells apparel to pilates enthusiasts and even wholesale to pilates studios. Thanks to COVID-19, she found herself with not one, but two new businesses. 

Now, nearly a year later, it’s happening and Park Slope Heaven readers are invited. 

“I want the community to know that my number priority is everyone’s safety and health,” Marisa emphasized. “I know I am opening during an unprecedented time in our history, but if data and science has taught us anything, we need to move our bodies for health. Not just for our bodies but also for our mental well-being. We have gone to great lengths to help people to start moving their bodies again in a safe environment.”

With all of the necessary precautions in place, the goal remains the same: Marisa wants to make sure the studio feels like a community, a haven for Park Slope residents.

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