Park Slope Hello: Butterly Bakeshop

Let’s talk about the chocolate chip cookie. First of all, it’s huge. It also has sea salt flaked on top that makes the sweet become savory in a way I didn’t know I needed. While the chocolate chip cookie is my personal favorite, everything at Butterly Bakeshop is delicious. You can stop in for coffee, tea, and of course, all the baked goods you could ever need or want. Cakes, too– birthday cakes, wedding cakes, custom designs, and more! They even have breakfast on the weekends, with croissants and quiches. Owner and Pastry Chef Kanupriya Kesari is as sweet as her baked goods and without further ado, let’s say hello.

Kanupriya Kesari, Owner and Pastry Chef
Butterly Bakeshop

From Delhi, India, Kesari had a passion for baking from a young age and always dreamed of opening her own bakery. Twelve years ago, she ventured to the US to attend the Culinary Institute of America, where she was able to perfect her art under the leadership of talented chefs like Dieter Schorner, the acclaimed pastry chef credited with bringing creme brûlée to America.

In October 2019, her dream became reality and she opened the doors to Butterly Bakeshop, located at 263 Prospect Park West in Park Slope, Brooklyn. She went to see the location on a whim and fell in love with the street and the charm of the area, surrounded by neighbors such as the Double Windsor, Krupa Grocery, and 212 Burgers. “I just fell in love with the location. It was love at first sight, literally. It was such a beautiful summer day and the location was a gem I never knew about,” Kesari gushed.

In addition to being immigrant-owned, Butterly Bakeshop is woman-owned and operated as well. “We’re a woman-owned business with no additional investment from outside. I am the sole owner and I am a woman of color from India. All our employees are women and are representatives of multiple diverse communities. We are strong supporters of all communities–the ones our employees represent and every other one that is a part of our multicultural world,” Kesari shared on Instagram.

October 2019, as we have come to know, was an interesting and perhaps unfortunate time to open a new small business. Less than six months later, with the rise of COVID-19, Kesari was forced to close her doors for two months as the pandemic surged. She was able to re-open on May 15th, and the doors have been open and the ovens have been hot ever since.

Kesari’s passion for her work, and her community, shines through and is so strong that not even a global pandemic can stop it. Be sure to stop by, and definitely try one of those chocolate chip cookies.

Park Slope’s neighborhood feel is largely due to the small businesses that line our streets. No two storefronts are the same and each business brings a unique story to the neighborhood, as do their founders. With the rise of Covid-19 and the CDC guidelines to #stayhome, many of these small businesses have had to close or adjust operations. Here at Park Slope Heaven, we want to take a moment and recognize an array of community favorites in our new series, Park Slope Hello.

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