Park Slope Hello: Let Brooklyn Sleep

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There’s a big difference between saying you’ll do something and actually doing it. Rob & Julianne Hebron, the husband and wife behind Let Brooklyn Sleep, had an idea and acted on it. When New York City became the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic in March, they were overcome with a desire to support businesses in their community. To do so, they founded Let Brooklyn Sleep, a fundraiser that sells (very cute) t-shirts and donates proceeds to small businesses in Brooklyn.

Without further ado, let’s say “hello” to Rob & Julianne Hebron, founders of the Let Brooklyn Sleep fundraiser. 

About Let Brooklyn Sleep…

  • What inspired you to start the fundraiser? When COVID-19 hit, we noticed a lot of small local businesses we love were closed and struggling. We felt hopeless watching this happen from our couch. We needed to do something, and who doesn’t love t-shirts!


“We felt hopeless watching this happen from our couch. We needed to do something, and who doesn’t love t-shirts!”

– Rob & Julianne Hebron


  • How does your business help small companies? All proceeds ($10 per shirt sold) go directly to a small local Brooklyn-based business of the purchaser’s choice. We invested our own money to start the fundraiser, and nothing is required from a business to participate! 
  • What does “Let Brooklyn Sleep” mean? Let Brooklyn Sleep is a play on the Beastie Boys’ No Sleep Til Brooklyn and a way to promote social distancing and encourage self-quarantine. 
  • How can we help support your business after the pandemic? By spreading the word about our fundraiser, to both the community and local businesses who may benefit from it. It’s important to realize that (even though we’ve begun Phase 2 of reopening) businesses are still suffering and still need help recuperating from the last three months. 

About Park Slope…

  • What’s your favorite season in Park Slope? It’s a toss between summer nights strolling the streets and winter days in the park!
  • What are your three favorite restaurants / shops in Park Slope? Three favorites is not enough, but we’ll say our three most memorable. Ramen Danbo was our most recent obsession before COVID-19 – we were regulars! Also, Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store was one of the first stores we shopped in when we moved to Park Slope so that store will always have a special place in our hearts. And The V-Spot Restaurant was the first place (and many times after) we ordered delivery when we became vegan. 

About Rob & Julianne…

  • Where are you from? Rob was born in California, raised in Oregon, and moved to Dyker Heights in his preteen years. Julianne was born and raised in Brooklyn. 
  • What do you do outside of Let Brooklyn Sleep? Rob is a real estate broker and Julianne is an accountant. 
  • Do you have any pets? We have two cats, Frankie and Sharon. We also foster cats through Brooklyn Animal Action. Our most recent foster, Billy, is pictured in the photo above!

PS – Rob and Julianne were featured on News12, if you want to watch it!

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