Park Slope Hello: Medusa Salon

Park Slope’s neighborhood feel is largely due to the small businesses that line our streets. No two storefronts are the same and each business brings a unique story to the neighborhood, as do their founders. With the rise of Covid-19 and the CDC guidelines to #stayhome, many of these small businesses have had to close or adjust operations. Here at Park Slope Heaven, we want to take a moment and recognize an array of community favorites in our new series, Park Slope Hello.

Without further ado, let’s say “hello” to Kym Frasca, Owner of Medusa Salon.

About Medusa Salon…

  • How long has your business been in Park Slope? 22 years.
  • What inspired you to start your business (if relevant)? I guess there’s always been this dream of having my own business, but making it happen was a very scary thing…you become full of fear and you think, where do I even start, and you doubt your own abilities. I was working at another salon in Park Slope (now closed) and one of my co-workers had owned his own salon in the past and just hated working for someone else. He really pushed and inspired me to have the confidence to just do it and believe it would all work out. So, we partnered and opened the salon together. Having that support and encouragement gave me the inspiration to believe in myself and now I have been the sole owner of Medusa Salon since 2005. 
  • How can we help support your business during / after the COVID-19 pandemic? I reluctantly started a GoFundMe page since I was not getting any help or support from government agencies and the community has been so generous and supportive. The biggest help from the community would be your loyalty and continued support. I’m hoping clients just keep showing up as satisfied and valued customers. 

About Park Slope…

  • What is your favorite thing about Park Slope? Raising my children as a single mother is my favorite thing about Park Slope. I was really an East Village girl who was born in Queens and did not want to move to Brooklyn…but it was more affordable than Manhattan, so I moved to Park Slope in 1987 and all of that changed. It was a physically beautiful neighborhood that felt magical and diverse. It was very ethnically diverse, filled with artists, actors, musicians, hippies, writers, teachers, lawyers and people in finance, etc. I was just a very young 20-something punk and single mom and I was totally accepted. 
  • What are your favorite restaurants /retail shops in Park Slope? I love Cousin John’s Bakery (they have the best croissants, especially the almond!), al di la Trattoria, Bogota Latin Bistro, Beacon’s Closet, Community Bookstore, Union Market, Russo’s Mozzarella and Pasta, Tarzian Hardware, and Fifth Avenue Record & Tapes.

About Kym…

  • Where are you from? Queens and Long Island.
  • Do you have any pets? Yes, four cats.
  • What’s your favorite season in Park Slope? Spring.

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