Park Slope Hello: Rosewood Floral Co.

Park Slope’s neighborhood feel is largely due to the small businesses that line our streets. No two storefronts are the same and each business brings a unique story to the neighborhood, as do their founders. With the rise of Covid-19 and the CDC guidelines to #stayhome, many of these small businesses have had to close or adjust operations. Here at Park Slope Heaven, we want to take a moment and recognize an array of community favorites in our new series, Park Slope Hello.

Without further ado, let’s say “hello” to our very first feature, Alisa Langbord, Owner (& Floral Designer) of Rosewood Floral Co.

About you…

  • Where are you from? I moved here from Russia with my parents when I was 3, and been a Brooklyn resident ever since!
  • Do you have any pets? Yes! Two cats – Mochi and Fuji 🙂
  • What are you most grateful for during this Covid-19 era? I’m grateful for all the extra time my husband and I are spending together before our first baby due in May.
  • What’s your favorite season in Park Slope? Springtime! All the blossoming cherry, dogwood, and crab apple trees in front of the brownstones are my favorite scene 🙂

About Rosewood Floral Co…

  • How long has your business been in Park Slope? 3 years.
  • What inspired you to start your business (if relevant)? Most importantly, to bring nature to gatherings! My inspiration for starting my business is connecting people and myself to nature, changing people’s perspective on flowers. To surprise and delight and create an invitation to think differently, to reframe your perspective about nature and the world.
  • What makes your business unique? Our commitment to sustainability ! We’re not an old school flower shop. Every flower is accounted for so there is no waste. We compost and recycle everything as we prep the flowers and arrangements, and after the event, we donate, compost, or my favorite thing is to make some mini bouquets to hand out to the neighborhood.
  • How can we help support your business during / after the COVID-19 pandemic? Life’s celebrations are postponed, not canceled! There will still be weddings, birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, restaurant openings, and I want to be there to make them beautiful. Just sharing our beautiful flowers and what people can look forward to once we all can gather again.

About Park Slope…

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