2020 in Park Slope Heaven

Happy New Year! Between the fireworks, the champagne, and the excuse to wear sparkles, New Year’s Eve has become a favorite of mine. This year, I rang in the new year (and new decade!) in Chicago with my friends from growing up. It’s been ten full years since we all lived in the same city, but it’s like nothing has changed. The best.

Now it’s back to real life in Park Slope Heaven (which feels damn good). When I sat down to list out a few goals for the year, it came down to making the most of life in Park Slope and continuing to enjoy the little things in my little corner of the city.

Here’s the list, if you’d like to read it. It’s in no particular order, and not especially focused on Park Slope. It’s more so focused on life in Park Slope. Enjoy!

  1. More picnics in Prospect Park
  2. More writing
  3. More gratitude
  4. More meeting new people
  5. More running in the park
  6. More supporting small businesses
  7. More rooftop hangs
  8. More exploring neighborhoods nearby
  9. More giving / donating
  10. More fresh fruits and vegetables from the farmer’s market
  11. More time spent outside
  12. More beach days
  13. More reading
  14. More cooking
  15. More coffee dates
  16. More working from coffee shops
  17. More new restaurants
  18. More routine
  19. More early mornings
  20. More history and culture

I hope the New Year brings us all exactly what we want it to…and the time to do it! 🙂

What would you add? I’d love to hear.

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