Yoga in Park Slope Heaven is *Heating Up*

With the energy of this city we love so much often comes chaos, commotion and rough commutes. This, on top of the normal stress of everyday life makes yoga especially rejuvenating. Sometimes all it takes is an hour to reset both your mind and body.

When I moved to Park Slope the summer of 2016, I joined ClassPass and was able to try studios around the neighborhood at a discount. I instantly loved Park Slope Yoga Center (with its homey feel and great classes – if you haven’t tried “strong yoga” with Miriam, please do!) and Bend + Bloom (with it’s complimentary tea and gingersnaps – enough said). But, I didn’t realize Park Slope Heaven was missing one thing: hot yoga.

Have no fear, though, because 2019 brought two new heated yoga studios to Park Slope Heaven.

Heatwise arrived in June and Y7 Studios debuts today (!), Wednesday, November 20th. Let’s enjoy this, ladies and gents, because the Park Slope yoga scene is quite literally hotter than ever (just in time for winter).

Here’s a little more about the two new studios, if you’re interested.

Source: @Heatwise

Heatwise, 203 Ninth Street – Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY 11215

  • Cost? $34 / class (BOGO for first timers)
  • Mat Rental? Free!
  • Showers? No
  • Lockers? Yes
  • Closest train? F/G/D/R/W @ 4th Ave & 9th Street

Heatwise offers hot vinyasa yoga using infrared heating technology combined with added humidity. I’ve been a few times and it is hot, it is sweaty, and it is good yoga. The temperature ranges from 85-95 degrees, which is hotter than most heated classes. Luckily, they provide face towels for free and cold towels to cool down after class.

The studio is really cute and has a unique, boho-chic vibe with lots of plants and a great couch if you arrive early. It’s also really clean, which is definitely appreciated (note the hot and sweaty comment above). The teachers are great, too. I especially like Cathy and Holly (who a Park Slope Heaven friend recommended! Thank you, Monica!).

Heatwise founder and owner Sam Scupp shared, “We love Park Slope (I personally have always loved the community, it’s so beautiful and warm and friendly and really feels like old New York) and we knew that…there weren’t really any options for hot yoga in that neighborhood…We fell in love with the 9th street space and it just felt like a no-brainer!” 

As the trusty sign out front says, hot yoga just feels good. Sign up here!

Source: @y7studios

Y7 Studio, 478 Bergen Street – Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY 11215

  • Price? $25 / class (New client special – 3 classes for $45)
  • Mat Rental? $2
  • Showers? Yes
  • Lockers? Yes
  • Closest train? 2/3 at Bergen Street

“Brooklyn is home! It is where we had our very first pop up, our very first studio. Park Slope is such a central neighborhood in Brooklyn and it is the perfect place for us to continue to grow our presence,” shared Founder and CEO of Y7 Studio, Sarah Levey.

The new location is 2,000 square feet (!) and has showers (!!), something that none of the aforementioned studios offer (and something that is especially nice after a class in 80-90 degree heat).

Y7 Studio also themes classes by featuring the latest music from hip hop artists each Wednesday and Sunday (this week is Pharell themed). They also offer WeFlowHard Vinyasa classes and an express version, too. “The practice includes a centering warm up leading into the core vinyasa flows, a challenging mini-burn designed to push your personal edge and a relaxing cool-down with savasana rest,” reports their website. “The first time through the sequence, the instructor will break down the alignment in each posture. The second time through, you will repeat the same sequence and speed things up linking one-breath to one-movement. Finally, you will have the opportunity to take that sequence on your own.” These flows are not for the faint of heart, believe me.

So, who wants to join the “tribe called sweat?”

As a side note, yoga classes in New York are *so much cheaper* through ClassPass, where you sign up for a certain number of credits each month and can use them at a variety of studios. Click here for $40 off your first month!

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