Around Town: Dinner at Tartine in the West Village

The only thing I love more than having dinner in Park Slope Heaven is finding a new restaurant in a new corner of the city. This weekend, one of my best friends was in town with his girlfriend and we went to dinner at Tartine in the West Village. Tartine is a French bistro (and bakery!) that has been located in the West Village for over 20 years. It was so good that I wanted to share it with you.

Tartine – 253 West 11th Street – New York, NY 10014

The Food

Bouchee a la Reine; Source: @maydayeats

Us ladies ordered the “Bouchee a la Reine,” which I cannot recommend enough. It’s a puff pastry filled with chicken and mushrooms in a delicious creamy sauce. It also came with a huge side salad. It was so filling and, as my friend’s girlfriend pointed out, would be really hard to make at home (which is the best type of meal to order out, isn’t it?!). My friend ordered the “spicy chicken,” and we only made fun of him a little.

The Atmosphere

Tartine from the outside; Source: @wildwestvillage

When we walked in, we noticed right away that the restaurant was really small. Really small and really cute. There were a few tables open when we got there and, even so, we were squeezed into an itty bitty table for two with three chairs in the corner. My friend was practically in the doorway and I was seated on a glorified windowsill, ha! Honestly, though, it didn’t matter. The restaurant felt homey and the “coziness” of it felt that much more quintessential New York.

Have I mentioned the restaurant was BYOB? That was a nice surprise – it’s not every day you stumble upon a cute BYOB restaurant in Manhattan. They brought us glasses right away and let us linger a long time to finish our wine, even though the line for the restaurant was way out the door.

The Overall Experience

This little cash-only restaurant is a gem and perfect for a date night, a reunion with an old friend, brunch with your mom, dessert, and so much more. It earned a little heart on my Google map, that’s for sure.

Also, this experience just solidified what I already knew: I have a major crush on the West Village. I’m aware that this is not unique – the West Village is one of the most iconic neighborhoods in the city (we ran into the Carrie Bradshaw apartment on our way out!). The entire neighborhood is, just, very charming. The quiet streets with the fancy shops and the beautiful brownstones…and you know I appreciate a good brownstone.

What are your favorite spots in the West Village? I’d love to hear!

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