Embracing Fall in Park Slope Heaven

Early fall in Park Slope Heaven.

This summer was an especially good one but the world has moved on, the sun is setting earlier and October is officially upon us. This week brought the first official sweater weather of the season. (It also brought a 90 degree day, but that is beside the point.) Fall is an especially good season in my book and this year, my sister and her boyfriend are visiting from Chicago, we’re hosting a Halloween party on my (28th!) birthday and a few girlfriends are visiting for Friendsgiving in November. Here are a few things I’m planning to do this season, if you’d like to read them. 

  1. Make a lot of pies – Okay, I’ll admit it. This is inspired by my new, super cute pie dish that I have been dying to use. When my roommate moved out and my boyfriend moved in, we had to re-furnish the living room and re-stock the kitchen (since my roommate had lived there before I moved in, she had owned pretty much everything.) Thus, a pie dish was purchased and now we must put it to good use. Pumpkin, apple, pecan…the world is truly our oyster. 
  2. Volunteer – Every year, I try to volunteer at least five times. Every year, I fail this. Marquette, being Jesuit, had a huge emphasis on service and “being the difference” and I’m still determined to keep this embedded in my life. The seasonal emphasis on gratitude and giving back means it is the perfect opportunity to make this happen. So, this weekend, I am volunteering at Prospect Park through New York Cares and the Prospect Park Alliance.
  3. Go for a hike – It took living in NYC a few years before I would admit that, yes, it is a bit warmer than Chicago…namely during fall and spring. The Midwesterner in me still wants (needs) to be outside every nice day to make sure I don’t waste them before winter hibernation hits. October in New York is still hiking season in my book, so let’s get out there! Bonus points if you make it all the way up to Bear Mountain or Breakneck Ridge in Hudson Valley, but my goal is to go “off roading” in Prospect Park and explore new areas. 
  4. Support local businesses One of my favorite things about living in Brooklyn is the number of small businesses and the unique, personal vibes inside. This fall, I want to shop local for, perhaps, a new sweater or fall candle (because fall scents are undoubtedly the best). Here are the shops I’m planning to visit: Brooklyn Candle Studio at Industry City and Annie’s Blue Ribbon General StorePink Olive and Habit in Park Slope. 
  5. Check out a new cafe – It’s always nice to explore and find a new cozy cafe where you can curl up and read, write, dream, catch up with a friend or work. I especially love Kos Kaffe and Couleur Café in Park Slope, Brooklyn Roasting Company in DUMBO and Bakeri in Greenpoint. Next on my list are Optimistic Cafe in Midtown and Hungry Ghost in Williamsburg.

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